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Facebook Messenger iPhone app gives you yet another VoIP option, Zuckerberg yet another good idea

Darren Murph

Think Facebook chat is cool? How's about a billion Facebook chats... with your voice. A company by the name of Crisp App has just pushed out an iOS program that may or may not be pulled at any time. You see, the app essentially enables iPod touch and iPhone users to call their Facebook friends (even if they're logged on via the web) using a VoIP protocol, but there doesn't appear to be any affiliation with Zuckerberg and co. It also allows chatters to shoot over pictures, browse message history, view a friend's wall, use emoticons, receive instant replies with Apple Push Notifications and setup sound notifications. Naturally, it supports background operation, but according to GigaOM, there's still a significant amount of lag present while calling. Still, if you spend more time on Facebook than digging through your standard contact list, you may want to part ways with $2.99 now and pray for a fix in the future -- we get the feeling that time's ticking on this one.

Update: As of April 27, 2011, this app has been renamed "fone." It's available in two flavors: a free build, and a $0.99 version.

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