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Fallen Earth offers a look into the upcoming 1.8 patch

While Sector 4 is shining on the horizon for Fallen Earth players, there are still hurdles to be faced between now and when we reach those storied lands. First up is the enormous patch 1.8, which will contain new content that leads to this area and scavenger bosses. Players already well-enmeshed in life in the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon will also notice a huge overhaul to some core systems, such as skills and mutations, as outlined in the recent State of the Game posting from Marie "Aro Sei" Croall.

We've managed to snag some screenshots showing off these upcoming areas that will pave the way for players to get to Sector 4. Unlike the overwhelmingly brown locales that some immediately associate with a post-apocalyptic setting, lush landscapes dominate these new images -- as do bits of wreckage and NPCs intent on killing any player crazy enough to cross their path. Civilization has collapsed, after all! If you're curious, check out the new eye-candy in the gallery below, then head over to the Fallen Earth forums for all the patch note news.

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