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Massively's exclusive look at Fiesta's new content


Mysterious updates are starting to appear on Fiesta's homepage and Facebook, and players want to know what's going on. Outspark's darling of a game has been going strong for quite a long time now, so the players have a real need for new information. What do these images mean? Who are these strange characters showing up? What does it mean for them?

Lucky for the players, we were able to sit down with the team at Outspark for a brief interview about the incoming patch, titled New Heroes of Isya. There are still plenty of mysteries left, but this exclusive image of a new weapon, along with the following interview, might serve to clear some of the fog. So click past the cut and enjoy!

Just don't let this Trixie character get you.

Massively: What can you tell us about the new class that is coming with the update?

Outspark: We're not giving away the class name yet, but to give you just a little taste, here's what two of the class specialties are called: Renegade and Reaper. Those names might seem a bit dark, but this class has a totally freaky new way of dealing damage and gaining power-ups. Be sure to join Fiesta's Facebook page for more hints and updates soon or follow us on Twitter, @FiestaGame!

Fiesta has been going for a long time. How is the New Heroes of Isya update good for older players and for newer ones?

We think this update is going to make Fiesta players take a whole new look at the game. For veterans, they'll have a totally fresh way of playing the game. For Fiesta noobs, we're pretty sure they've never seen anything quite like this new class in any other MMO. We've also got more surprises surrounding the class that older players will especially dig.

Who is Trixie? Everyone wants to know.

That's as much a mystery to us at Outspark as it is to our community! Um, seriously... she's totally been causing havoc in our office and social networking pages. As soon as we can say more, you'll be the first to know.

What sort of weapons is Trixie wielding on the teaser page? Are those something that a player can get?

We're not sure where Trixie got them, but we're definitely sure players will get something like them with the new Fiesta update. Three words: dual wield, baby!

"When all hope seems lost, chaos comes to spin the world around." What does this mean for players? It's ominous, but it sounds intriguing.

We definitely think Fiesta needs a new force to shake things up and let players get a little wild. If you check the Fiesta story and lore, there's a constant theme of stirring the pot, even in times of peace. Kind of like how we approach MMOs in general!

How challenging is it to continue to make such content for a game with a high-level playerbase?

Our high-level players are hardcore and super-dedicated, so it's definitely very challenging -- we wouldn't have it any other way! With this new class, we know it usually takes a lot of effort to level up a character, so we already have plans to make the process fun and rewarding for veteran players from the get go.

What would a brand-new player want to know about the New Heroes of Isya update and the game in general before starting to play?

We think this update will make Fiesta even more unique and fun, so there's that. Then there's the Fiesta player community. In my opinion, it's one of the stronger gamer communities we've ever seen in the MMO space. (If we could get them all in one room and hug them, we totally would!) For new players, this means that not only will you get a cool MMO gaming experience, but you'll probably meet a lot of veteran Fiesta players who're more than willing to welcome you.

Any advice to someone who wants to immediately start discovering this new content? Where should he go first and what should he do?

Again, start with the Fiesta community! The community user page gets new players access to the official Fiesta forums but also links to a lot of our community-created fan sites, which have great content as well. As far as the new class in Fiesta is concerned, Massively has the most info on it now, but we'll release a special page soon, so stay tuned!

We'd like to thank the Fiesta team for taking the time out for answering our questions. Just be careful with those wicked-looking weapons!

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