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TUAW's Daily App: MarketDash


Yahoo! sent us word that its new finance app, called MarketDash, is in the store now. While I'm not personally a big stocks guy, I think it looks good, and the iTunes reviews so far agree. The app is designed to tap into Yahoo! Finance, so if you have an account running over there, you can just pull it up in the app and get right to work. The app provides real-time data on whatever stocks you have set up, and you can even control watch lists and check your portfolio options from the iPad (and those will be linked back to your account on the Web).

MarketDash also includes content from Yahoo! Financial news feeds, and the iPad's touchscreen serves up a pretty good interface to the complicated charts and graphs you can see in the app. One of the iTunes reviews does say that some very specific features available on the Web aren't accessible in the app, but considering the app is just out of the gate, you can probably expect any really popular features to be brought over eventually.

Seems like a groovy stock tool, especially if you're already using Yahoo! Finance. The app, like the service, is completely free to use.

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