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Patch 4.1 PTR: New WoW Trading Card Game loot


It seems that a few of my podcast predictions came true, in that many of the datamined companion pets and mounts were, in fact, new WoW TCG mounts for the two upcoming sets, War of the Elements and Twilight of the Dragons.

For War of the Elements, the pet will be Landro's Lichling, presumably a rehash of Blizzard's Lil'KT, much like Landro's Lil' XT was a re-color of the Blizzard-sold pet store product. Fool's Gold will be the uncommon, allowing a player to plant down a fool's gold mining node and have up to 25 people turn into greedy little kobolds. The rare mount in the set will be the Savage Raptor Mount, a potentially awesome-looking raptor that better be as savage as its name suggests.

Twilight of the Dragons will bring us the common Nightsaber Cub pet, further reinforcing my theory that we'll be seeing the other two datamined cubs, the Wintersaber and Panther, as purchases in the Blizzard pet store later this year, potentially with a plush toy companion. The uncommon loot card is the War Party Hitching Post, which will presumably act like a Foam Sword Rack, allowing up to 25 people to grab a special horse mount for a limited duration. The rare mount will be the Amani Dragonhawk, a dragonhawk done up in the style of the Amani trolls, who are making a big comeback in patch 4.1 with the return of Zul'Aman.

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