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Perfect World dev diary shows off all changes coming in Genesis

Perfect World International, the largest game in Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play MMO stable, is set to erupt with enormous world-changing goodness. On March 2nd, the game's largest expansion, Genesis, is nearing launch. We've checked out the expansion in earlier developer diaries, but today we have a video showing off the many changes players can expect, all in one tasty, ready-to-devour package.

In this video, the game's Product Manager, Clifton, and Community Manager, Steven, sit down to tell us all about the myriad things that will be coming to the game on March 2nd. The Earthguard race will emerge from the underground; players can pick up Runecrafting to buff their weapons; and even new dances will be added to replace some of the older ones. (Those are apparently so embarassing that Clifton and Steven are loath to put them on camera!) For active Perfect World International players, a huge rollback of Territory Wars to pre-nerf is coming as is a full map reset, which will open up the season for one heck of a power-grab. Finally, we also get a look into the upcoming guild bases, which players have been wanting for quite some time.

You'll find the newest dev diary video behind the break, ready for those who want to check out more on Perfect World International's upcoming Genesis expansion.

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