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You Rock guitar now compatible with Rock Band 3 Pro mode


In addition to the Mad Catz Mustang guitar controller and the upcoming Fender Squier Stratocaster, there is now a third option for realistic shredding in Rock Band 3, thanks to a firmware update for You Rock Digital's You Rock guitar. The You Rock guitar is similar to the Mustang in that it has real strings for strumming, though they don't stretch along the full length of the guitar. Unlike the Mustang's many, many buttons, the You Rock features a touch-sensitive fret board. The You Rock also functions as a MIDI instrument and includes many built in sounds and effects.

Those wishing to use the You Rock for Rock Band 3 will need to download firmware 1.2 from the You Rock website. Like the Fender Squier, the You Rock requires the Mad Catz MIDI adapter for use with Rock Band 3. The guitar is compatible with all versions of the game and, in addition to pro mode, it can be used to play standard modes as well. That's what we call a two'fer.

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