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APB: Reloaded closed beta application keys received a get-out-of-jail-free card


San Paro may be waiting for you again! The free-to-play publisher GamersFirst has sent out application keys for the forthcoming third-person shooter MMO APB: Reloaded. Fans have been anxiously awaiting the reopening of the game's crime-ridden streets since Realtime Worlds walled off the city.

Yesterday, email messages poured into many an inbox asking players to fork over their computer specs for a chance to enter the closed beta. Check your email -- you may have one of the invitations waiting for you. Although there is a key to be redeemed, you will not qualify for an actual beta invite until the GamersFirst development team has had a chance to review and accept your application. If your inbox is like many gamers' inboxes, you will want to sift through every piece of mail you received yesterday and look for the one titled "Your Key to San Paro inside." You may even have to dig through your spam box.

If you have not signed up for beta testing yet, jack a car and speed over to the Gamersfirst website now, yo!

[Thank you tipsters for letting us know!]

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