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Deadliest Warrior DLC available now, adds three characters and new mode

Have you mastered the art of dismemberment on all of Deadliest Warrior's anachronistic fighters? A DLC pack for the game released today has added a handful of new combatants for you to master, including the Rajput, Zande and Shaolin Monk -- three archetypes from the television series that were chosen for the game in an online fan poll.

The pack also includes a medium-range taunt for each of the game's original eight fighters, and a new mode, Skirmish, which lets two players choose four of their favorite combatants and fight the opponent's picks sequentially. The first person to clear out the other player's roster wins, which sounds like a pretty clever way to lengthen the game's typically seconds-long encounters.

The pack is available now for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace, and $4.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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