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BurgerTime HD rating cooked up by ESRB


An ESRB listing reveals that MonkeyPaw Games is working on BurgerTime HD for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC. The title is assumed to be an update of the classic 1982 arcade game fom Data East -- and likely in development for digital platforms, including PSN, XBLA and WiiWare.

The ESRB description notes that BurgerTime HD will introduce carrots, apple cores and hot peppers, indicating that a new breed of "oversized" monsters is out to destroy the "small," burger-building chef.

BurgerTime HD certainly fits MonkeyPaw's mission to remake and localize Japanese games from the past and present. The original game is a sort of munchies-induced nightmare: Chef Peter Pepper must try to escape the homicidal Mr. Egg, Mr. Hot Dog and Mr. Pickle, while attempting to assemble giant hamburgers. (There's definitely a thesis on food existentialism buried somewhere in there.)

We've contacted MonkeyPaw for more information on BurgerTime HD.

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