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Older TiVo Series 3 / HD boxes will work with the iPad remote app soon


The companion app for TiVo Premiere DVRs worked out well when we reviewed it, but ZatzNotFunny points out it could get even better soon when it will feature "limited support" for Series 3 / HD boxes, along with TiVo DVRs offered by cable providers like RCN and Suddenlink. This "coming soon" info was included in an update yesterday that added a new DVR selection screen to the setup process, ability to run in the background plus assorted performance enhancements and bug fixes. Of course, we now know that TiVo's "lifetime" offers won't last forever (ten years, give or take) but for users who would prefer to stick with their existing hardware instead of upgrading to a Series 4, there are still a few new features coming down the pipe.

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