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iPad 2 to feature HDMI output

Justin McElroy

While it seems that everyone got iPad fever in 2010, we can think of one sad soul who was left out of the fun: Your TV. Oh sure, he liked watching you play Angry Birds HD, he just wishes he could get in on the fun. He doesn't want you to buy one of those fancy adapters, mind you, it's not worth all the trouble and cost. He just misses you. He misses you and all the gaming fun the two of you used to have.

Imagine your personified, surprisingly needy TV's sheer delight when he learns the iPad 2 features HDMI output via a $40 cable! It goes up to 1080p and supports all your games and apps, as well as screen rotation -- heck, it even charges your pad!

Dear reader, meet your TV. It would seem the two of you have some catching up to do.

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