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Toy Soldiers, TMNT Re-Shelled and other XBLA games on sale

Psst. Hey, buddy, over here. We've got a line on some Xbox Live Arcade titles that ... fell off the back of a truck, if you will. A handful of back-alley deals on games like Prince of Persia Classic, TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and Toy Soldiers are buried on the Xbox Marketplace. Fortunately, we've shined the "spotlight" on all of the sales after the jump.

We were just kidding about that "falling off the back of a truck" thing, by the way. There appears to be nothing dubious about these discounts. Also, unless our understanding of how the internet works is wildly off base, we're pretty sure trucks aren't involved in the digitial distribution business.

Toy Soldiers sale:

"Movie Games Madness" sale (all 50% off):

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