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CTIA exec promises 'significant' new tablet launch at trade show next month


A trade show executive attempting to generate interest in his own trade show may not exactly be news, but CTIA vice president Rob Mesirow has made things a bit more interesting than usual by promising today that a "significant" new tablet will be launched at the mobile-focused show, which runs from March 22nd to the 24th. What could that tablet be? Well, we already have a pretty strong indication that Samsung will announce an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab at the show -- but is it "significant" enough to match the hype? As for any other announcements we might see, Mesirow was fairly tight-lipped, with him saying only that "Android, Android, Android" will be the big platform at the show, and that while we will see more out of Windows Phone 7, it will be "moving into the fall show in a much bigger way." Whatever is in store, you can count on us being there to see it first hand.

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