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New Guild Wars 2 video gives info on PAX East demo, more glimpses of the Thief

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the Guild Wars 2 Thief, ArenaNet is opening the information doors starting with a new video and blog post today.

The video is brief -- 34 seconds total -- but packed with information. There are glimpses of at least two races of Thief characters as well as booth information for those who are eager to try the class for themselves at PAX East.

The teaser video is accompanied by a short blog post telling fans all about the great information planned for next week: "We've already told you that the guardian profession and norn race will be playable, but next week we're going to get into detail about three other major features in the new demo – crafting, our revamped attribute system, and our new profession, the thief!"

Check out the new information on ArenaNet's blog, and keep your eye on Massively all next week for the latest Guild Wars 2 news.

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