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Overheard@GDC: Homefront devs 'put a baby in a dumpster' (and then took it out)


Kaos Studios' Homefront has gone "gold" and is under two weeks away from being released. We found out yesterday afternoon about one scenario that didn't make the cut: protecting a dumpster ... with a baby in it.

Lead single-player designer Chris Cross (real name!) related a story about the team's process of involving civilian presence in the game. Cross said his team wanted to "make it relevant without making it cheap." As it turns out, relevant became a little crazy -- at least initially.

"We went through all kinds of crazy crap! We put a baby in a dumpster and were using that as a bullet shield," Cross explained, heartily laughing. "We were trying a bunch of very strange ideas."

We'll be doggedly exploring every dumpster we find in Homefront in search of secret (baby) easter eggs when the game ships on March 15.

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