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Battlefield Heroes bonuses are brought to you by the letters E, A, and the number 7


Battlefield Heroes, EA's free-to-play shooter, appears to be a success, with the company announcing that 7 million people have felt free to play the game so far. To celebrate those 7 million registered users, EA is offering a bunch of bonuses to players, all themed with the number 7.

For seven days, today through March 15, Heroes players can download a free pack containing 77 bandages, 77 Battlefunds, and 77 wrenches. You can then reinvest those Battlefunds (and, uh, 700 more) into a special weeklong store deal containing seven-day boosts for VP, XP, and Sarge's stamina, along with 777 tonics.

This deal doesn't just reward current players, it provides subtle motivation for those players to bring more in. Don't you want those 10-million-player bonuses?

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