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HP's Omni Pro 110 all-in-one aims to please the business set

Jacob Schulman

HP's been cranking out all-in-one's for quite a while now, but the company's latest offering -- the Omni Pro 110 -- attempts to be a real hit with the business crowd. Behind that 1600 x 900 20-inch anti-glare monitor comes your choice of Intel Pentium or Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4 gigs of RAM, an HDD ranging from 250GB to 1TB in capacity, and a built-in DVD burner with LightScribe functionality. It's also got a whopping six USB ports, six-in-one card reader, and built-in speakers present in that chin region at the bottom. HP's highlighting the Pro's ease of upgradability , and with a starting price of just $639, the sky's the limit.

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