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Ask Engadget: best home backup solution?

Darren Murph

We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget question is coming to us from Michel, who seems to be having difficulty sleeping without a decent backup solution in his home. If you're looking to send in an inquiry of your own, drop us a line at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com.
"It's been 6 years since the last Ask Engadget article on best home backup solution. Is there a good update yet? It's for PC, and I need to be able to disconnect the hard drive and plug it in, and navigate the folders like on my main PC. Thanks!"
Home backup solutions have come a long way over the years, but having one that also funtions as a conventional external drive cuts down your options somewhat. We're guessing this fellow is looking for something more akin to a Clickfree drive rather than a 5-bay NAS, so if you've got any recommendations in that area, shout 'em out in comments below.

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