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Splosion Man song performed at PAX East


Fans of deep-fried musical accompaniment were treated to a live performance of "Donuts, Go Nuts!" at PAX East -- complete with ukulele, lagging sing-along display and donut donations from Major Nelson. Watch the full Splosion Man song, performed by Twisted Pixel audio lead Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney, right after the break.

Aside from enveloping fans in catchy tunes, Twisted Pixel covered two S-model Xbox 360s in custom skins. There's a Gunstringer-themed console up for grabs in a random draw and a system swathed in glossy Ms. Splosion Man art can be won through a time-trial challenge in a playable build of the game that runs until Sunday. If you can't go see the special consoles yourself, have a look through our galleries below. (Impeccable console lifting and posing provided by Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford.)

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