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iPad 2s selling for silly money...

Chris Ward

It's not just Apple that's making a fortune from sales of the new iPad 2 -- some regular punters are raking in the dollars, too.

College student Amanda Foote queued for nearly 41 hours for the iPad 2 release at Apple's flagship store in New York, had a stranger eat her doughnuts and slept for a total of 3 hours 10 minutes -- and then sold her number one spot for US$900 to app developer Hazem Sayed who said he needed an iPad 2 for a business trip. Foote says she plans to spend the money on tickets to see Lady Gaga. Ahem. Others in the New York line were being paid $100 to wait for friends, and Craigslist was littered with similar "I'll stand in line for you" offers priced at up to $1000.

With shipping delays increasing to 3-4 weeks, others are turning to eBay to get the tablet computer of their dreams and spending up to $4,000 (with free shipping!) for the privilege. The $4,000 auction is for a 64 GB model -- see the image above. Others are trying to sell iPad 2s on eBay for up to $200,000 (including $0.01 shipping), although that looks like one Buy it Now price that may not result in a sale. Others are more realistically asking a $200 premium for most models, promising full availability of all models.

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