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Custom made Portal portals are an interior decorating triumph


One husband and wife DIY team recently announced on Reddit that they'd unlocked the secret of portal technology* using everyday, off-the-shelf parts. By attaching LED rope light to the backs of two oval mirrors, they succeeded in creating one of the most effective (and easily replicated) displays of video game related wall art we've ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on: Portal portals that look strikingly authentic.

The Redditors in question, corttana and dahburbb, say that the "spiraling" effect of the lights is actually the unexpected result of curving the light rope they used into an oval shape. When asked by other users, the duo said they plan to building a Companion Cube storage chest to round out their personal Enrichment Center. You can see more photos of it at the source link.

*Portal Technology is a registered trademark of Aperture Science

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