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Joymax launches Silkroad Online expansion and new events

Jef Reahard

There's a ton of new functionality on display in Joymax's free-to-play Silkroad Online MMORPG. The historical fantasy title, set along the renowned China to Constantinople trading route in the 7th century AD, has recently released its Rise of the Thief-Hunter expansion. Additionally, Joymax has added 24-hour GM support to the game and is hosting a series of events designed to draw awareness to the new services as well as solicit fan feedback (and offer prizes). Festivities include a share-your-knowledge event, a Fortress War video competition, and a Legendary Player tribute event.

The expansion features a new emphasis on jobs, and players will be able to specialize in new skill sets dependent on their characters' jobs and levels. Job titles will also change as various advancement tasks are completed, and reputation gain is now tied in with rank bonuses (which in turn raises attributes).

Rise of the Thief-Hunter also brings a newly designed crafting system granting players the ability to fabricate everything from siege items to alchemy staples. A new trade system allows for players to explore their smugglery sides and offers quests that reward unique job items. Players may also choose to protect trade caravans or raid them. Check out the official Silkroad Online website for more information on the expansion and associated events.

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