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Motorola i1x / i1q hits FCC on way to presumed Nextel launch

Chris Ziegler

Seeing how Motorola's the exclusive provider of iDEN-capable handsets, the pressure's high on those guys to start delivering a stream of smartphones -- even in the workabout push-to-talk world, we can't imagine workers are too stoked about carrying featureless flip phones around at this point. Well, the good news is that a device posing as the "i1x / i1Q" (capitalization quirk theirs, not ours) has just garnered FCC approval, which would be a fitting name for a follow-up to the i1 that launched last year. Notably, a device claiming to be the i1Q leaked back in January looking just a little bit like an iDEN remix of the Droid Pro, so everything's lining up here; if we had to guess, CTIA next week would be a good venue for this one to break cover considering the timing of the FCC approval.

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