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ZAM opens up a full database for RIFT

Eliot Lefebvre

Databases are a good thing for an MMO. When you have buckets of different items, quests, stats, enemies, bosses, and so forth, it's good to be able to reference a wide variety of different data on the fly. Wowhead is pretty much the gold standard for database services, giving World of Warcraft players the opportunity to use talent calculators, compare items, and browse a comprehensive quest database with ease. ZAM, the parent company of Wowhead, is porting that same all-encompassing database over to RIFT with today's launch of the appropriately named RIFT Database.

Although the system has just gone live, it already includes a robust listing of abilities, items, and quests for players to browse, as well as details on the various collections available in-game. Complete with a soul calculator, the new repository of knowledge should be welcome for any and all RIFT players looking for quick and easy reference. About the only thing it currently lacks is an option for integration into browser, but given time, it seems inevitable that the database will just keep improving.

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