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A vision of Lord of the Rings Online's new instances


While we relayed to you several details of the five new dungeons coming with Lord of the Rings Online's Echoes of the Dead update, it's still great to be able to see them as well. Today, Turbine released screens for three of the instances for our visual consumption.

Stoneheight is a town under siege in North Downs as Ivar the Gaunt-lord makes a general mess of things as he searches for a very special helm. Meanwhile at Northcotton Farm, Thadúr the Ravager is attempting to poison the poor Hobbits by turning their love of food against them. Finally, the Lost Temple in the Trollshaws is a plague explosion waiting to happen, as Ferndúr the Virulent uses his dark power to modify and kill all who encounter him.

Check out the gallery below for five illuminating screens, and don't forget to read our PAX East overview of these instances!

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