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Doodle Jump Hop movie tie-in out now


The promised Doodle Jump movie tie-in game for Universal's movie Hop has hit the App Store, and it's completely free. The game plays just like the very popular Doodle Jump, though the graphics have been updated slightly, and of course, they're all branded to fit the Hop characters. There are 25 levels to play through, but the catch is that one is unlocked every single day up to the movie's release on April 1 (in similar fashion to the Angry Birds Seasons' Advent calendar).

Originally, we were told that the Hop characters would show up in the official app as an Easter update, so that's probably still happening as well. While the plot of the promotional game is that EB, the main Hop character, is learning to jump from Doodle the Doodler, we'll have to see if Doodle himself shows up in the actual movie. Of course, you can buy movie tickets for the film straight from this promotional app as well, so there's all sorts of cross-channel branding going on.

Basically, if you've never picked up Doodle Jump, here's a way to play it for free, and if you have kids who like the Hop movie, they'll probably enjoy it, too. Great to see a classic iPhone app playing with the big licensing boys in Hollywood.

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