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Lunch Topic: What animal should Blizzard add to the WoW bestiary?


This Breakfast Lunch Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the AOL guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

The world of Azeroth is filled with creatures great and small, and a multitude of animal types are represented, both realistic and fantastic. From the beginning, we've had real-world animals such as lions, tigers, bears, ostriches, spiders, bats, hyenas, vultures, and wolves alongside mythological creatures like dragons, centaurs, werewolves, and demons. The Burning Crusade expansion added moths and wasps, dragonhawks and warp stalkers; Wrath brought in rhinoceroses, mammoths, giant worms, and minotaurs; and now, with Cataclysm, we've seen the inclusion of monkeys, mastiffs, eels, fish, sharks, and the much-anticipated fox.

Blizzard is broadening the World of Warcraft bestiary with each new expansion, but there are plenty of animal types left to draw from. How about a tamable sugar glider or a chinchilla vanity pet? Speaking of vanity pets, I'd love to see some of them turned into game mobs. Who wouldn't want to fight (or tame!) a mutant rabbit or Rodent of Unusual Size? With the addition of Vashj'ir, Blizzard has already opened the door for any number of sea creature models. How about a manta ray to join the existing whales and sea turtles?

Is your favorite animal or mythical creature represented in World of Warcraft? What would you like to see added to WoW's bestiary?

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