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Netflix for Android leaks out, doesn't seem to stream video right now

Sean Hollister

This prototype LG Revolution may be the only Android phone actually capable of streaming Netflix at the moment, but there's nothing keeping you from giving it a go -- some enterprising hacker extracted a full system dump from the Revolution this week, tossed it to AndroidSPIN, and @al3xevolved subsequently pulled out the juicy Netflix innards. The app's APK is now freely available on the web, though we'll warn you that it isn't good for much -- you can browse and add items to your queue, but should you try to play a video the app will inform you that it "could not reach the Netflix service." The question is, will Netflix simply flip a switch to turn streaming on, or is it waiting for DRM authentication from a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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