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Potential Hitman ARG suggests new announcement is coming in time for E3


Some subtle marketing suggests we'll be hearing about a new Hitman game soon. Well, okay, we have been hearing about it -- Hitman 5 isn't exactly a secret at this point, having been mentioned on IO Interactive resumes and namedropped by a voice actor. But things are heating up yet again, indicating a full-on reveal isn't far off.

Some potential subtle marketing is the source of this latest uptick in attention, starting with an ad from Faircount Media Group in a catalog at the Sundance Film Festival depicting a box of Hitman Series brand doughnuts with a bardcode ending in "47." When a Hitman Forum user tracked down the agency responsible for the ad and emailed them, he received a response from an account saying "you are on the right track," along with a new image showing a pair of black gloves, what appears to be a game script, and another barcode ending in "47." Forum users claim some of the random numbers, when deciphered, point to E3.

Add in the vague responses from an actual IO Interactive employee on the Hitman Forum boards (Nick@IO is his user name) and it would appear we've got the makings of an ARG -- that is, unless it's all just one big, very mean conspiracy.

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