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Giant, game-cancelling boulder catches up to Gun Loco

Justin McElroy

We started to get suspicious after it missed its first listed release date, and now our fears have been confirmed: Square Enix's third-person arcade shooter, Gun Loco, has been canceled. The news came via the game's official site, though no more details were provided.

We're sorry for rubbing salt in the wound, but here's what Gun Loco would have been:

"Gun Loco is set on a prison planet (which, for some reason, has Earth-like ruins throughout) where the universe's worst criminals are left unsupervised. The prisoners have created different factions, and are locked in constant warfare."

Frankly, video games, if you can't make that premise work, it might be time to take a long look in that deep, dark and truthful mirror and wonder if you wouldn't be happier making add-ons for Quicken.

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