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Ex-Bizarre devs form 'micro-studio' Hogrocket

Justin McElroy

As you peruse the smoldering remains of Bizarre Creations, you catch the faintest stirring out of the corner of your eye. You turn just in time to see, there, rising from the ashes, it's ... a pig in a spaceship?

Okay, so we don't know why Bizarre refugees Ben Ward (studio communications), Peter Collier (former level designer) and Geometry Wars creator Stephen Cakebread settled on "Hogrocket" as the name for their new UK studio, but we're glad to see them getting back to work.

The freshly announced "micro-studio" says it'll target iPad/iPhone with its first batch of games. It may be a little early for such proclamations, but if Hogrocket turns out mobile games as addictive as Geometry Wars with any regularity then ... well, this little piggy will be going to our wallets more times than we care to think about.

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