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Femto Forum publishes API specification for femtocell apps, places focus on 'awareness information'

Darren Murph

As if the world needed one more association to keep up with, CTIA Wireless 2011 is delivering just that. The Femto Forum, which has done an excellent job remaining undercover of late, has just published an "industry-wide agreed set of API specifications" that will enable "advanced mobile applications based on femtocell technology." Truth be told, the first apps based on the specifications have already been built, and their currently available to the femtocell community. The specifications are for network-based APIs, which will purportedly "allow operators to drive the development of femtocell-powered open access, enterprise and consumer applications," and it'll also provide awareness information in order to allow developers the opportunity to incorporate enhanced presence, context and location-sensitive features into new and existing apps. Granted, we'd care a lot more about those location-based apps if we could drag our 3G MicroCell to Panama to use it to make free calls whilst on vacation, but hey -- maybe that's the next logical step. Not that we're much for passing along hints or anything.

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