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The Classifieds: Keep plugging away for guild recruitment


The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness shout-outs to players who make your WoW sessions memorable.

Recruiting to expand your guild can be a pain in the neck. It's a hard task. You have to balance the need to get additional folks versus the need to preserve the unique character of your existing group. It's difficult to tell if new recruits will blend well and fit into your group. And, after all, you have to get those new folks' attention somehow.

There are a few things you can do to stand out. First, don't sweat listing things like having a tabard or a guild bank. People know that. Make sure you describe your guild's character in short phrases. "Progression," "casual," and "family-friendly" are all words that pack a meaningful punch. You don't need to say things like "balance life and game," usually, because that's almost always a standard.

Try and include some really unique stuff that might reach beyond the basic game: "We spend time talking about comics," or "Guild chat is like an engineering conference." These are the things that will help extend your guild's character beyond just basic in-game stuff.

Mostly, keep plugging away. Don't give up on recruiting; it can happen, but it takes time.

Random Acts of Uberness

It's when another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor or unexpected generosity that your login becomes something to remember. Share your Random Acts of Uberness with Keep things brief (150 words or less, please), and be sure to list everyone's character names and home realms or battlegroup.

Famfriet of Wyrmrest Accord I was tanking a random heroic with a full PUG doing Grim Batol (everyone from a different server). Everyone in the PUG was absolutely fantastic, situationally aware, kind and respectful. The player that stuck out to me the most was the warrior dps, Famfriet from Wyrmrest Accord. He was geared fantastically in all ilvl 359+ gear, challenging me to aggro on all bosses while pulling close to 20k dps. I was pleasantly surprised at his willingness, even desire to wait for a little CC on trash pulls as well as small preparations for bosses. Far more often when I'm tanking for geared DPS, they just want to "gogogo", skip CC, and make things messy and stressful. So: a shout-out to Famfriet and the other absolutely fantastic group members, Maugenra the CC'ing, DPS-dominating hunter from Nesingwary, Onuz the Frostbolt tossing DPS-crushing mage from Hydraxis, and last but definitely not least Xiaosen the so-uberly-healing-me-I-didn't-think-I-was-taking-damage druid from Hyjal. -- Nalivan

Employment: Guild recruitment

Looking for more? Send in your guild name, realm, a link to your guild website or armory listing and a sentence or two on your guild's focus (10-man, RP, late-night raiding, whatever) to

Active progression Inertia is looking for ranged DPS and healers. "Inertia is the leading Alliance PvE progression guild on the US-Deathwing realm. Created in July, 2005 our primary focus has always been 25 man raiding. Currently the guild is 1/13 HM for 25 man, and 4/13 HM for 10 man. In the past, Inertia had achieved all server firsts from Naxxramas (40) to Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider and continue to hold realm 1st and 2nd Achievements. We raid 4 nights a week during progression and require all raiders to maintain at least 3 out of 4 days of raiding. "

Dedicated raiders wanted Aeternus needs to inflate its roster. "4/13hc 25 are looking for dedicated and active raiders to inflate our roster and put us in the best position to maximise progress! We're a very stable guild and have been raiding together since Vanilla with many realm firsts and high world ranked kills under our belt. Raid 4-5 times/week. If you're still in love with WoW, adore your class, love raiding, wiping, and progressing - that is what we want moaaar of!!! Apply at"

Getting started Omens is looking for a few new folks to help them tackle content. "A newly LVL85 Healer and DPS persons that would like to run 5- mans normals with our small, fun, adult guild. We have a returning tank(from Naxx raiding) that would like to have some fun learning the new dungeons with some others that would also like to learn either a new toon or the dungeons themselves. We are a very close, no pressure, fun group that likes to run 2-3 times on weeknights (6pm server) and maybe one day on the weekends. If interested please PST Taquarin in game."

Firming roster Band of Thorns balances progression and real life. "Band of Thorns is a Thrall-Horde guild looking to cement our 10 man roster as well as fill a second 10 man team. We are 7/12 progression raiding just Tuesdays and Fridays - 9Pm to 12Am EST. Our Philosophy: Enjoy yourself, whether it be the guild members or raid environment, this is very important to us. We also understand that everyone has a life. That said, we like killing bosses and seeing content. Our website can be found at to app or contact any officer in game."

Ninja raiders Conservation of Ninjitsu preserves their precious ninja resources. "We're a small group of friends that have played together since BC, and we're looking to fill out a core 10-man to raid Cataclysm with. We're casual, and guild policies/schedules are easygoing. We want to build a small, tight-knit group of good, friendly raiders looking to have a good time in a low-pressure environment while we progress. All current guild members raided in BC or Wrath. The only thing keeping us from taking the fight to Deathchin's minions is needing more people. We're looking for healers first, but any level 85s and their alts are welcome to join the fun! In case you need it, here's our armory link"

Semi-casual raiding Traumatic is looking for caster classes. "Traumatic is a 25m semi-casual progression guild on US-Deathwing 11/12 looking for some consistent casters to join us on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8 MST - 11 MST. For more info and to apply our website is Thanks!"

Unknowable Ineffable is looking for new recruits to get started in earnest. "I was hoping you could throw us in, as we're a new guild and looking for recruits! =D We're trying to lay the groundwork for progression, while still maintaining a family-like casual amosphere. Once we get some core players, we'll begin raiding! This guild is brand-new though, so doesn't have the pull of being level 20, nor does it have a reputation since it was made less than a month ago. All we can do is try and get other players to share our vision."

Crack open The Classifieds for weekly player and community news, help finding the right guild, events of interest and more. Send us your shout-outs for Random Acts of Uberness and mail your news tips and announcements to

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