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Exclusive: Mythos Europe reveals details on new content and early beta access

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Last month we told you all about the upcoming open beta, level cap raise, and new content for Mythos Europe. Umbral Peaks, the third region to come to the game, sounded great, but there was a small disclaimer: You have to wait until April 12th for open beta.

Well, it turns out that's not technically true. You have to wait until April 12th if you aren't a Massively reader. Yes, you're being rewarded for your excellent taste with 24 hours of exclusive early access, beginning today. If you didn't get a closed beta key in one of our previous giveaways, this is your chance to participate anyway!

All you have to do is use this link for access. The event begins today at 1:00 p.m. EDT (sorry, the link won't get you in until then) and lasts for 24 hours. When the event ends tomorrow at 1:00, you won't be kicked from the servers; you simply won't be able to log back in once you log out. This setup will allow you to finish whatever you're in the middle of without racing the clock.

You've got a few hours before the event begins, but don't worry -- we've got a few things to help you pass the time. You'll of course want to create a Mythos Europe account if you haven't done so, and then follow along below, because we've got all the dirt on Umbral Peaks: screenshots and an overview of the new zone. Check them out, and have fun with your early look at Mythos Europe!

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In Umbral Peaks, players will wander through a snowy landscape, discover ice sculptures and glaciers, and come across log cabin hideaways nestled deep within ethereal evergreen forests. But don't be deceived by the idyllic appearance of the landscape. Numerous quests entice players into undiscovered dungeons where dormant monsters lie waiting for wayward adventurers. Whether under an arctic blue sky or deep in the bowels of a cold mountain range, the monsters there will make your blood run cold!

In Umbral Peaks, dungeon-hunters do not only have to worry about monsters. In this new zone, fellow players who once fought beside you will quickly become your enemies. Players must make the choice between two rival factions, the Tigan and Ordo, while completing a quest in Umbral Peaks and upholding their newfound alliance. If this means turning your back on old allies, then so be it, because in Umbral Peaks, even your closest allies can turn into cold-blooded killers.

Alongside this exciting PvP mode, the choice of faction also influences gameplay in various other ways. Each faction resides in a part of the region, and only the players who have pledged allegiance to the corresponding region will be able to slip into that territory unimpeded. Faction members can look forward to more quests as well as powerful special items sure to make your enemies green with envy and blue from frostbite.

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