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TUAW's Daily App: Superbrothers' Sword and Sworcery EP


We've been following Sword & Sworcery for a while, with previews at last year's GDC and then again at Indiecade last fall. The app itself is now finally available for your iPad, and the post-release hype is off the charts. The gaming press loves this one, and last night, Twitter was full of the "#sworcery" hashtag as players got into the game and tweeted directly from it. As I said in our previews, the title is more of an experience than a game. It's got musical elements, lots of action and exploration, and a superbly crafted feeling thanks to the art and music of Craig "Superbrothers" Adams, and Capy's own incredible game design talent.

There's only one mode, no Game Center integration, and some of the game's mysteries might leave more casual players perplexed, but honestly, none of that matters. This is a must-see experience on the iPad or the iPad 2. This kind of intimate, personal, indie, touchscreen experience is exactly what makes Apple's tablet so amazing. Yes, there's a lot of hype, and some Angry Birds fans will look at this game and wonder what everyone is getting out of it. But Sword & Sworcery is a milestone in the maturity of the iPad gaming platform, and for that, US$4.99 is just plain cheap.

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