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Erase the social network past with Last Night Never Happened


Let's be honest: We all enjoy a good night out on the town occasionally, and when fun happens these days, chances are you might say or post something on various social networks that you probably shouldn't, be that something negative about your boss or your ex, or just a little too much information about your current state of mind. Now there's an iPhone app that purports to deal with exactly these lapses in judgement.

Last Night Never Happened is an iPhone app that, when given access to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, will delete or replace any social network postings that you happen to regret. The app will go back up to 48 hours, and as you can see in the demo, will clear out any photos, tweets, or Facebook posts you need to delete, optionally replacing them with a much nicer message.

Unfortunately, the app doesn't do any more than Twitter or Facebook, so all of those OK Cupid messages you sent are there to stay. And according to the fine print on the app, it doesn't do Facebook's status updates either, so you'll have to go deal with those yourself. But if you often find yourself regretting messages you sent and posted the night before, Last Night Never Happened may be able to help. It's $1.99 on the App Store right now.

[via LaughingSquid]

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