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Machinarium developer reveals three upcoming projects

We don't usually fall as hard or fast in love with games as we did with Amanita Design's robotic adventure title Machinarium. Ever since our infatuation developed in 2009, we've been starving for more projects from the studio to admire; luckily, in a recent interview with PC Gamer, founder Jakub Dvorsky revealed the team's three upcoming opuses:
  • Osada, an interactive music video featuring "Czech psychedelic country music," due out on Amanita's website within the next few weeks.
  • Botanicula, a "simple, but quite large" point-and-click adventure game starring five tiny, arboreal creatures who are attempting to save their treehouse from invading parasites. It's slated to be released sometime before the end of the year.
  • Samorost 3, the next installment in Amanita's beautifully crafted adventure game series, the first part of which is available to play for free online. It's Amanita's biggest project at the moment, and though it doesn't have a release window, the team hopes to bring it to PC, consoles and various and sundry e-tablets.

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