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The Daily Grind: What is your favorite internet spaceship?


When we talk about intergalactic transportation, there is no end to the variety of shapes and sizes of starships. Even within specific genres of science fiction, the starships are consistently inconsistent. In Star Wars, the Imperial ships are very angular, whereas the Mon Calamari ships are kind of puffy. If you look at Star Trek, you see a multitude of cultural differences between the spacecraft. Federation ships are very pristine, clean, and diplomatic. On the other had, Klingon ships carry the mark of the aggressive species that created them.

Many MMOs have introduced us to ships we can pilot in a virtual world. Star Wars Galaxies and Star Trek Online were mentioned above, but there is also EVE Online and Taikodom -- not to mention games still in development like Star Wars: The Old Republic and Jumpgate Evolution. So in the spirit of EVE fanfest, we are asking today: What is your favorite internet spaceship?

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