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Platinum Games president releases new company manifesto


Though today is usually a day for press releases of the foolin' variety, Platinum Games president and CEO Tatsuya Minami is deadly serious. (Or really deadpan.) In a post on the Platinum blog, he has outlined "Platinum Next," the company's plan to become "The Japanese Standard Bearer in Global Competition."

Five years ago, Minami says, Platinum Games was established with a credo to "deliver smiles and surprises around the world," a goal that has been accomplished through games like Vanquish, Infinite Space, Piledriver Style and Bayonetta. (Surprise! Her clothes are made of her hair!)

Now, with Japanese game companies having "lost their vigor," Minami wants Platinum to be the new face of a renewed business. "Series grow ever-longer; original titles are on the decline," he writes. "Games with new at their core are disappearing. Japanese games that garner worldwide acclaim are slipping away." And so now, Platinum wants to do nothing less than "ignite a Japanese games revival."

So, uh, buy Anarchy Reigns.

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