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Xperia Play makes brief appearance at T-Mobile Netherlands, quickly pulled

Zachary Lutz

Soon up for grabs in the land of bicycles, coffee shops and mayonnaise-laden fries, Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play -- affectionately known as the PlayStation Phone -- was recently sighted gracing the storefront at T-Mobile Netherlands. As is the case with subsidized handsets, we spotted that the upfront cost of this elusive one varies based on the rate of your monthly plan and term of commitment. At €25 per month and a one year agreement, for example, this mobile gamer could soon be yours for €269. As if the fusion of old-school PSOne and Gingerbread weren't tempting enough, T-Mobile is sweetening the deal, offering four months of free internet with the device. The rollout of Xperia Play across Europe has seen a bumpy start, and we're hoping better luck for T-Mobile users in Holland. Keep checking the source -- we're guessing the doors will reopen soon enough.

[Thanks, John]

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