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One Shots: Not afraid to use it

In the war-torn world of RIFT, there's one way to make sure your side has the upper hand: enormous weaponry! Not only does it give you the ability to rain hot death down on whatever you point it at, but there's also sleek, almost steampunk-looking style to the lines of this piece of machinery. This imposing bit of RIFT warfare was captured for us by Selora, who writes in to explain: "I like to call this 'the BFG' (Big F'in Gun). Maybe it's a dragon-zapper. Anyway, it's located along the top of the southwestern mountains in Moonshade Highlands."

If you've seen something that made you stop and go "wow," why not share a screenshot? We're always on the lookout for cool things in the MMOGverse. All you have to do is snap a picture and email it to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing in the image. Please make sure your image is at least 1024 pixels wide and has no visible UI elements. We'll post it out here on One Shots for everyone to enjoy while you get to bask in the internetty limelight!

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