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Pandora says grand jury looking into Apple and Android apps

Mel Martin

One of the most popular music services, Pandora, has revealed that a federal grand jury is examining information sharing by mobile apps.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Pandora was served with a subpoena to produce documents relating to "information sharing processes of certain applications that run on the Apple and Android mobile platforms." A Pandora spokesperson says it does not "believe the company is a target of the investigation," and added "we believe that similar subpoenas were issued on an industry-wide basis to the publishers of numerous other smartphone applications." That would make sense -- if a grand jury were seeking information on what's shared in iOS, it would look at information from multiple developers, including Pandora.

This latest action follows reports of a December class action suit against Apple and a number of App Store developers over the sharing of personal information with advertisers. Since grand jury proceedings are secret, it can't be determined if the two actions are related.

[Via LoopInsight]

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