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Korean rumor puts iPhone 5 release in June (updated)


Update: The Loop remains convinced this will not happen.

TUAW has seen an uptick in the number of rumors making their way around the blogosphere lately, purporting to know when the iPhone 5 will finally arrive. The latest is from Korea, where ETNews is reporting that the fifth-generation device is going to appear in June at an event to be held after WWDC.

The rumor doesn't hold water when held up to Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer's recent comment that 8 MP Sony digital camera sensors would be delayed getting to Apple due to earthquake damage at a plant in Japan. Then again, Sony supplying camera sensors to Apple may be a misunderstanding anyway.

ETNews also states that two South Korean telecom companies, KT and SK Telecom, will be getting the iPhone 5 soon after launch. That's contrary to common shipping patterns for Apple products, in which South Korea gets products well after launch. For example, the iPhone 4 just made it to South Korea on March 16.

It's also rare for Apple to hold a press event for a new product so close to the Worldwide Developer's Conference. Most of us here at TUAW are treating this as a hopeful rumor, and we're holding out for a September release of the latest iPhone.

[via Electronista]

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