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The Governator cartoon is real, soon to be a video game


OK, we get it, Arnie. You don't have to keep going on with the April Fool's joke. We all thought the idea that you would do a cartoon with comic legend Stan Lee called "The Governator" was a good laugh when we heard about it last Friday. But actually releasing a nonsensical trailer for the show is a little much, don't you think?

Come on, telling The Hollywood Reporter that you're also developing comics, video games and eventually a movie based on the property is really just beating the joke into the ground. Yes, the real key to comedy is believability, and the fact that you've got property house A Squared Entertainment spearheading this whole thing does add grounding to the gag. Sure, it's done cartoons about a 10-year-old Martha Stewart and Warren Buffett giving business advice to a group of kids, so it's the perfect peg of truth to hang the whole joke on.

But come on, Arnold. April 1 was days ago. It's time to admit you're just kidding around on this one. Please?

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