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Realms of the Haunting added to GOG lineup


This week's GOG addition is fairly easy to convey, provided you're addressing a crowd of people who love goodish, old-ish PC games. Realms of the Haunting, developed by Gremlin Interactive (which eventually became part of Infogrames), combines nearly every endearing and sometimes ill-advised artifact of many story-driven adventure games from the '90s.

It has oddly paced and compressed-to-death FMV sequences, a clunky inventory system, some awkward first-person exploration and shooting, and at least one decapitated rat. If nostalgia and a desire for a paranormal mystery are looking for a spooky rendezvous, they might find one in Realms of the Haunting for $5.99.

GOG's also looking to add something a bit more modern -- the PC version of Arc System Works fighter Guilty Gear X2 #Reload is coming to the service "soon."

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