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RIFT offers another free trial weekend for friends of players

Eliot Lefebvre

So you didn't get a chance to take part in the last free trial weekend in RIFT. Maybe you didn't have time to play over the weekend, maybe your friends ran out of keys, maybe they're just useless at giving you those keys, or maybe you're avoiding the game anyway and want no part of a free event. If you belong to any group other than the last, however, you're in luck -- another free weekend is coming, starting this Friday and running through Monday, April 11th.

As with the last event, players who sign up will be granted access to a limited version of the game during this second iteration of Allies of the Ascended. Existing players will be receiving special ally codes via email to distribute to friends, neighbors, and anyone else who hasn't yet tried RIFT but might enjoy it. So if all of your friends won't stop talking about the game, be sure to grab a key and enjoy some soul-filled action for the weekend.

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