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Blizzard releases three official StarCraft 2 mods

Blizzard has finally released three of the four official StarCraft 2 mods it announced at BlizzCon last year -- though, the one that didn't make the cut might surprise you. Players can now download Aiur Chef, which might possibly be the world's first cooking/RTS title; Starjeweled, a gem-swapping puzzler with a few light strategy elements thrown in for good measure; and Left 2 Die, in which players build up their base and train units to defend it when hordes of infected Terran come to play at night.

That leaves poor little Blizzard Dota standing alone out in the cold, with no indication of when it might get an official release. Don't worry, little guy -- we don't think the multiplayer online battle arena genre's gonna get stale anytime soon.

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