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Patch 4.1: New Wailing Caverns layout unveiled

Alex Ziebart

Earlier in the patch 4.1 PTR cycle, Blizzard updated the PTR patch notes with an item indicating that the layout of Wailing Caverns would be streamlined. Certainly, without logging onto the PTR and running the instance, it was difficult to form an image of just how it had been streamlined.

With today's PTR patch, Wailing Caverns has been given a new map to reflect the changes. The entire maze-like structure on the eastern side of the instance has been removed -- completely scooped out, with the bosses therein relocated in the dungeon. This will eliminate a lot of needless back-and-forth through the instance, as well as the infamous leap in the maze that caused the demise of countless PUGs. You know what I'm talking about: The tank misses the jump, immediately gets lost, other members of the party jump down to help and then they get lost ... and then your party is no more.

[via Wowhead]

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