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Red Dead Redemption pre-order bonuses to be offered as DLC, LA Noire bonuses coming 'sooner'

Chances are you didn't reserve and purchase Red Dead Redemption at several different retail locations when it launched last year, because that is something a crazy person would do. If you're missing out on the bonus in-game items offered as pre-order incentives, Rockstar's offering you a chance to complete your collection next week. The Assassin Outfit (which doubles Dead Eye regeneration), Golden Guns Weapon Pack (which increases Fame earned) and War Horse (which is a war horse) are coming to XBLA and PSN next week for 80 Microsoft Points ($.99) a piece.

Rockstar apologized on its blog for the time it took to bring these items to market, citing "unanticipated technical delays" as the cause of the hold-up. It seems they've got the kinks worked out -- the same blog post promises LA Noire's pre-order bonuses "should become available as DLC much, much sooner."

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